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Here to protect your wheels

We will keep you on the road.
If you own the keys to a car or van, we offer comprehensive and commercial vehicle insurance, for people living in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.
So, wherever you go within the UK our car insurance protection can help with any issues that you may encounter on your journey.

Our vehicle insurance provides:

  • Comprehensive cover for your vehicle and your legal liability for personal injury to third parties or damage to third party property
  • New vehicle replacement for a car or van under 12 months old
  • Motor Legal expenses insurance which will help reclaim uninsured costs after an accident which was not your fault
  • Free of charge windscreen chip repairs
  • The option to include UK motor breakdown, recovery and home assist together with a further option to add European breakdown insurance (exceptions may apply)
  • Up to a maximum of 70% No Claims Discount (for private cars), with the option to protect this discount with an option available for both private cars and vans to protect your maximum No Claims Discount.
  • The option to reduce your premium by choosing a higher voluntary claims excess

As a mutual organisation, we’re owned by our Members, not shareholders. So, when you speak with one of our advisors, you’re not dealing with a commission-driven salesperson. You’re talking to a local specialist always ready with hands-on advice, assistance and answers you need, whenever you call on them.  

We’d love to talk to you, so for further information or to arrange a quote on our farm insurance please give us or your local advisor a call. Want us to phone you? Simply click on the link and we will call you at a time that works best for you. We are always happy to help.  

Frequently asked questions

What insurance documents do I need if I wish to take my vehicle to Europe?

As we approach the end of the Brexit Transition Period, it remains uncertain as to what insurance documents will be required if a member wishes to take their vehicle to Europe.

As we approach the end of the Brexit Transition Period, it remains uncertain as to what insurance documents will be required if a member wishes to take their vehicle to Europe.

With this in mind, we would suggest that any member intending to take a vehicle to Europe contacts us 10 working days before travelling in order for us to issue an International Motor Insurance Card document (also known as a Green Card).

This includes members with Private Car policies where the reverse of your certificate currently states that it takes the place of a Green Card, as this may no longer be acceptable.

Should you require a Green Card, please contact our Member Services team: 

We strongly recommend that, before leaving the UK, you investigate what other documents you may need to ensure that you are fully compliant with European requirements. Further information is available here

Who do I call if my vehicle has broken down?

Your Motor Breakdown cover is provided by Call Assist Limited.  Should you breakdown you can contact them on 01872 272178 in the UK or 00 44 1872 272178 from outside of the UK (if you hold European Breakdown cover). Please try to make sure that you have your policy number to hand. 

Who should we use to replace a damaged windscreen?

Who you use to repair or replace your windscreen is your choice - you will pay the same windscreen excess regardless of the company used. However, National Mobile Windscreens are familiar with our processes and can be contacted on 0800 373 171.

What should I do in the event of a claim?

Please visit our ‘How to make a claim’ page where you will find all of the information you need.

My friend tells me my car insurance insures me to drive anyone else’s car comprehensively. Are they right?

No, your friend is incorrect. Third party cover may be provided, but you should check this on your Motor Certificate.  If you want to drive someone else’s car then you need to discuss this with us before using the vehicle. Separate arrangements apply on Motor Fleet policies.

I've paid the excess to the repairer of my damaged car. As the accident was not my fault will I be reimbursed?

If there is more than a 50% likelihood that you were not responsible for the accident, we will encourage your Legal Expenses Insurer – cover which is automatically provided in every Cornish Mutual Motor Policy – to seek recovery of your excess and any other reasonable expenses you have incurred from the negligent party.

Do you provide a courtesy car irrespective of fault or if my car is a write off?

Our recommended motor repairers may be able provide a courtesy car whilst yours is undergoing repair.  However, this does not apply if your vehicle has been is written off.

Does your breakdown cover include livestock trailers?

Yes, both Horse or Livestock Trailers. The trailer must be:

  • Towed by the Vehicle at the time of the breakdown
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for the transportation of horses or livestock
  • The total weight of the trailer, including any horses or livestock, must not exceed 3.5 tonnes.
Do you underwrite your own policies?

Yes.  However, we also partner with third party organisations, including ARAG who provide our underwriting for breakdown and home emergency and Liberty for the Environmental Damage cover add on.

Who covers my Motor Legal Expenses?

Your Motor Legal Expenses cover is provided by ARAG and is available 24 hours, 365 days per year. You can contact them on 01872 272160.