Industry Insights & Case Studies

Farmers face significant change in the next 20 years. International trade arrangements, environmental and sustainability challenges, new government policy, evolving consumer trends and societal pressure are all set to impact how they farm. Cornish Mutual is committed to supporting its Members through this transformative time.


Future Farming aims to address agriculture’s future challenges positively, by empowering Members and the wider farming community build a vibrant future for their businesses. It will encourage farmers to explore commercial solutions, through a programme featuring industry specialists, online guides and learning from the experiences of other South West farmers through virtual and, when allowed, face-to-face farm visits.

Future Farming has seven core themes reflecting the areas of change farmers are facing. We will focus on one theme each month, bringing you the latest information and expert opinion. We’ll also be hearing from farmers across our region, including Cornish Mutual Members, about their experiences in each area:

  • Mindset: building a resilient mindset and developing strategic thinking on farm
  • Environment: embracing new requirements around soil, water, biodiversity and carbon
  • Technology: how new technology such as AI, robotics, sensors and big data can benefit farming
  • Consumers and markets: developing an understanding of consumers and a focus on the market
  • Succession: involving more young people in agriculture
  • Women in agriculture: changing attitudes and inspirational individuals
  • Innovation: finding new ways of farming to differentiate and succeed
  • Mental health: support available to the farming community
  • Diversification: exploring the challenges and opportunities of diversifying farms

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