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Whether its looking to reduce fire risk on your farm or providing more information on rural crime across the South West, we are committed to providing the support and services you need to help protect your farm and prevent losses before they happen.


Find out more about our Loss Prevention services below.

Peter Old Cornhill Farm Farmer with son inspecting eggs

Real Food Heroes

Cornhill Farm

Cornish farmer Len Olds believes his chickens’ wholesome, homemade diet is the secret to the success of the family’s free range egg farm. Find Out More

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Cows on a farm
17 Nov

TB Vaccination: Would it make South West farming more resilient?

TB was so rare in 1984 when vet Ralph Drouin came across his first case, he didn’t know what it was whereas farmer Max Sealy has never known farming without it. His farm has been effectively ‘shutdown’ for 20 years.
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