Building resilience and profitability from the ground up

Capturing the value of soil
One of your most important assets, healthy soil is at the heart of a resilient farm. It is more fertile, stores more carbon and requires fewer inputs. This in turn improves plant and animal health, and increases productivity while reducing the environmental impact.

Improving soil health:

  • Increases fertility
  • Reduces input costs
  • Supports climate resilience
  • Builds soil carbon

Soil consultancy service

As part of our commitment to support the farming community, the consultancy service we offer provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to better understand and manage your soils, tailored to your specific requirements.

Our partnered soil health specialists provide cost-effective management solutions and soil sampling services. Their trusted soil consultants work with you on a bespoke plan for your farm, which may include:

  • Soil sampling
  • Measurement and benchmarking
  • Practical support and advice on implementation
  • Support with regulations and any changes
  • Action and management plans
  • Regular visits as required

Securing a sustainable future

Understanding how to manage soil is central to business profitability and securing a sustainable future. Government support is also moving farmers towards farming practices with a focus on soil. The Sustainable Farming Incentive encourage farmers to manage their land in a more environmentally sustainable way while remaining productive and profitable. Our consultants can offer a full breakdown of the latest available grants and incentives.

To find out more about our soil management service, email or speak to your local Field Insurance Advisor.

Did you know?
From 2022, the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) aims to encourage actions that improve soil health and fertility and will pay from £22 per hectare for an introductory level and from £40 per hectare for an intermediate level across arable, horticulture and the improved grassland soils standard.