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Whether you’re an arable, livestock or dairy farmer, we know every farm business is different. That’s why each of our insurance policies is tailored to the needs of you and your farm, giving you complete peace of mind.
Our experience of farm insurance across the South West is unrivalled. We understand the challenges you face, and our sole focus is working to protect you and your business. 

Our farm insurance provides:

  • Cover for damage to farm buildings, machinery, produce, supplies and livestock to give you the protection you need
  • £10m Public and Products Liability to protect you if your farm business is found to be at fault for injury suffered to a member of the public, or damage to their property
  • £10m Employers Liability to protect you if you are found to be at fault for an injury suffered by an employee
  • £2m Environmental Damage to protect your farm business from any legal liabilities if you are unfortunate enough to experience a pollution incident
  • £250,000 Legal Expenses for legal disputes affecting your business
  • Buildings sum insured indexed linked at each renewal date to allow for rebuilding cost inflation
  • The option to protect against loss of business income following an insured event causing interruption to the farming business
  • The option to insure specified livestock diseases
  • The option to include Group Personal Accident (GPA), designed to protect your business against the financial impact of sickness or disability following an accident to you or an insured individual employed by the business
  • Farm Mutual Policy Benefit - £100,000 paid to the insured or nominated family member should they suffer death or permanent disablement arising from an accident while working on the farm

As a mutual organisation, we’re owned by our Members, not shareholders. So, when you speak with one of our advisors, you’re not dealing with a commission-driven salesperson. You’re talking to a local specialist always ready with hands-on advice, assistance and answers you need, whenever you call on them.  

We’d love to talk to you, so for further information or to arrange a quote on our farm insurance please give us or your local advisor a call. Want us to phone you? Simply click on the link and we will call you at a time that works best for you. We are always happy to help.  

Frequently asked questions

What makes you different from other insurers?

We live and work across the South West and are actively involved in the farming community.  Whether it’s local agricultural events, charities, young farmers or our boots on the ground, the Field Force team visiting our Members, we strive to gain a better understanding of our Members and potential sector challenges.

Working in your local area makes us easily accessible and better placed to provide an excellent service compared to other remote insurance companies.  Our Members are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to ensure they always know where they stand with us.

The milk company I supply are asking me to check that my Farmers Liability Policy insures me against antibiotics accidentally getting into my milk and contaminating the tanker load. Am I covered?

Yes if you have Public Liability cover under your Farm Insurance Policy and your negligence leads to the contamination. If you would like cover for the loss of your own milk this has to be arranged separately. Please call our Members Services Team to find out more.

As a landowner letting my land to tenant farmers, do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Liability for trespassing animals under the Animals Act 1971 falls to the “person to whom the livestock belongs” and the definition under the Act is “the livestock belongs to the person in whose possession it is” This means in the above scenario that the tenant will be liable for the damage caused by the trespassing livestock. As Occupier the land owner may still have some liability and so we would always recommend that land owners take out Public Liability Insurance.

For further guidance please contact your local Advisor or call 01872 277151.

Is the straying/transit section of the Farm Insurance Policy concerned with public liability or the loss of the animals?

The straying/transit section of the Farm Insurance Policy is concerned with the loss of animals. Liability caused by animals is covered under the Public Liability section

Is Cornish Mutual a broker or an agent?

Cornish Mutual is an independent Mutual Insurance Company. We are not a broker or an agent and underwrite our own insurance policies, therefore we provide a direct insurance service to our Members.

How do I make a Legal Expense Claim?

Your Legal Expenses cover is provided by ARAG.  You can make a claim between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) by calling 01872 270159 or you can download a claim form at www.arag.co.uk/newclaims

Who do I call for Legal and Tax advice?

You can call ARAG 24/7 on 01872 270174.

Am I covered for Third Party damage if my farm animals strayed onto the road?

Yes under our Farm Policy the public liability section covers your legal liability for third party property damage and Third Party injury.

Do you offer a counselling helpline?

Your Legal Expenses cover is provided by ARAG and includes a free confidential Counselling Service, should you need help and advice. You can contact them on 01872 270154.  Please advise them that your policy is with ARAG.

Cyber Assistance Helpline
Do you have any cyber-related questions or need advice on how to protect yourself or your family from cyber incidents?

The Cornish Mutual Cyber Assistance Helpline provided through the cyber protection specialists at Cyberscout, a TransUnion brand, is here to help.

Call 0808 189 2300

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