Cornish Mutual's Real Food Heroes


“From Cheddar cheese to Portland lamb, Red Ruby Devon beef to Cornish clotted cream, we think the South West makes some of the best food in the world.

Behind all of our wonderful local produce is a bunch of hardworking people and we are very proud that many of them are our Members. Whether they are growing or rearing it, producing, distributing or selling it, they are united in their passion for helping to create the very best food and drink.

That is why we are putting the spotlight on the people behind our produce: the real food heroes.

So, next time you tuck into a Sunday roast, enjoy a glass of cider or savour the first strawberries of the season, give a thought to the people who produced it.

Join us in celebrating the heritage, history and hard work behind the food and drink that comes out of our region.”

Alan Goddard, Managing Director, Cornish Mutual