Our History


More than 115 years at the forefront of insurance in the South West

Cornish Mutual has a unique history, which explains why our customers really are at the heart of everything we do.

In 1903, a group of visionary Cornish farmers got together and decided to come up with a better way of insuring their farms. They decided that by taking a co-operative approach, they could pool their money and provide effective insurance for each other at a lower cost, as there was no need to create any profit for anyone. The mutual organisation they set up went from strength to strength, attracting more and more Cornish farmers to their fold.

Today, Cornish Mutual is still a mutual organisation. Our customers automatically become Members.  As we have no shareholders, any profits are re-invested in the business, for the benefit of all our Members, rather than being paid out as dividends.

Since 1999, we have extended our insurance services to farms, homes and businesses across the rural communities of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

Cornish Mutual is the only general insurer based in the South West of England. In 2012, Cornish Mutual gained ‘Chartered Insurer’ status.  We are the first mutual insurance company in the UK and the first insurer in the South West to achieve this level of recognition from the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Although we have a long track record of providing insurance for more than a century, we remain close to our historic roots. We are still driven by the same principles that inspired the Cornish farmers who dreamt of a better way in 1903.  We are still continually striving to do things even better.  We believe in fairness, honesty and transparency. This means our Members know exactly where they stand with our insurance.

Celebrating our 110 year birthday of insuring homes farms and businesses