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Higher Health and Safety standards part of new Red Tractor requirements

Improving farm safety is one of the main objectives behind the upcoming changes to the Red Tractor farm assurance standards.

From 1st November 2021, UK arable and livestock farms under the scheme will have to meet additional Health and Safety requirements to keep their Red Tractor assurance. All farms, including those with fewer than five workers, will need to have a written Health and Safety policy which is communicated to all farm workers.

Commenting on the decision to add Health and Safety standards to the checklist, Red Tractor’s Chief Executive Jim Moseley says:

“Given high fatality figures in agriculture, we believe it is essential to check that Health and Safety policies are fit for purpose and implemented correctly. All farms with workers will need to have a written policy – this is a slight advance on the legal baseline which only applies to businesses with more than five employees.

“This will ensure that all Red Tractor farms have a simple, clearly defined approach to managing Health and Safety and that this can be independently verified. Members can visit the Health and Safety Executive’s website for free guidance and templates.”

To make it easier and more straightforward to stay Red Tractor and HSE compliant, Cornish Mutual has produced a Health and Safety Guide. The guide also includes a Health and Safety policy form with guidance on how to complete it.

Dominic Jones, Loss Prevention Leader at Cornish Mutual, says:

“Health and Safety is a key part of running a safe, successful farm, and our new guide makes it as simple as possible to identify risks, record training and stay compliant with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation and the new Red Tractor standards.”

If you are a Cornish Mutual Member and would like to receive a free copy of the farm Health and Safety Guide, please contact your local Field Insurance Advisor or Dominic Jones on 01872 246175.