Award-winning innovative solutions

We feature two award-winning innovations resulting from real-life on-farm challenges, the latest in vehicular automation and a project aiming to help the UK meet its Net Zero goal.

Innovative approaches to upscaling miscanthus production

The need for alternative sources of energy is pushing biomass crops to the fore. But it’s been estimated the UK needs 7-8 times its current acreage to meet net zero targets, putting increased miscanthus production under the spotlight in Terravesta’s latest project.

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weeding robot

The autonomous solar-powered ‘seeding and weeding’ robot

On-farm automation and robotics is growing fast. Opico’s Richard Amphlet tells us how a new-generation autonomous weedkiller is saving farmers time and money.

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Will Dunn with tractor

New app brings multiple benefits for contractors

Finding a way to reduce the time spent doing paperwork increases profitability for agricultural contractors. A young ag graduate Will Dunn has done just that, and his time-saving innovation is being used successfully in our region.

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Farmer’s idea prompts creation of award-winning device

Mastitis is a common and costly health issue in dairy cows. Philip Metcalfe describes how he has produced a simple yet transformative solution with a local engineering company, slashing his mastitis rates to improve cow health, staff satisfaction and his bottom line.

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Robin Jackson

The legacy of AgriTech Cornwall

The four-year £11.8m AgriTech Cornwall project came to an end in December 2021, but its legacy for innovation in the region’s agricultural industry lives on, says project director Dr Robin Jackson.

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The benefits of TechnoGrazing

The TechnoGrazing approach can boost livestock performance and bring environmental benefits - project lead Dr Sarah Morgan explains the findings.

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Innovative solutions to dairy industry challenges

The Future Farm dairy research platform is investigating innovative approaches to meeting the challenges the industry is facing. We find out more from Duchy College’s Dr Robin Jackson.

Images: Ruth Wills

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A farmer's guide to soil carbon

The Soil Carbon Project set out to find the best way to quantify soil carbon, and there was no shortage of interest from the region’s farmers, says researcher Alex Bebbington.

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Turning research into innovation at farm level

Dr Mark Young, Head of Innovation at the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock, outlines why he believes innovation is more important than ever for British agriculture.

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Reconstructing soil from waste

The €2.5million ReCon Soil project at the University of Plymouth is creating safe and productive soil from waste materials. Professor Mark Fitzsimons tells us more.

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Giving the stage to innovative farmers

Innovation for Agriculture’s livestock researcher, Laura Palczynski, shares her views on innovation in the farming industry, the barriers and the motivators.

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Future Farming Innovation at Elston Farm

Connecting farmers and researchers brings innovation to life

Involved in a 12-year project investigating silvopasture, Crediton farmer Andy Gray describes his enthusiasm for this important regenerative practice. 

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