Net Zero in Practice

Reaching net zero will require changes to mindset as well as farming practices, but the general feeling at the ‘Farm of the Future: Net Zero in Practice’ event organised by RASE was that it is an achievable goal. We report on three of the event’s keynote speakers.

Finding the way to net zero farming

Helen Browning, Wiltshire farmer and Chief Executive of the Soil Association, believes this is the decade when farmers need to understand how to reach net zero, but finding the ‘road map’ to that end goal is complex.

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Stephen Briggs

Innovation and net zero

Cambridgeshire farmer and agroforestry expert Stephen Briggs thinks the industry needs to embrace innovative approaches, including enterprise stacking, if it’s to achieve net zero emissions.

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Data is ‘simple but important’ route to net zero

Data collection is an untapped resource for beef and sheep farmers looking to reach net zero says Exmoor farmer James Wright.

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Why good soil health is a win win for business and the environment

Terrafarmer founder and technical director, Tom Tolputt, tells us how South West farmers can capitalise on the already fertile soils found across our region.

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The importance of soil carbon monitoring

Becky Willson from Farm Carbon Toolkit loves nothing more than digging around in a good field of soil. She explains why taking soil samples is so important to lowering a farm’s carbon footprint.

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Working towards net zero

Alex Bebbington from Farm Net Zero describes how a large-scale collaboration between 40 farm businesses is building understanding of what can be done on farms to increase carbon sequestration.

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Less is more for Blable Farm

No-one was more surprised than Cornish Mutual Member Mike Roberts when a review of his beef suckler operation led the family farm in the opposite direction to the one he had intended.

Image credit - Precision Grazing Ltd & Sian Mercer

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How SFI is supporting sustainable food production

The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) aims to support farmers as they increase their farm's environmental sustainability, which includes a focus on soil health. Click to find out more about the first phase of the SFI.

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New opportunities for environmental payments

Payments from public and private sources may be an appealing option for farmers seeking alternative income sources. FWAG South West Chief Executive Gary Rumbold tells us more about the opportunities, and what to be mindful of.

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methane powered tractor

Alternative fuel sources for tractors

With skyrocketing fuel prices alongside a focus on increasing sustainability, the need to explore alternative fuel sources for farm machinery has never been greater. We take a look at what machinery manufacturers are currently working on.

Image credit: New Holland

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Regenerative farming is the future

Regenerative farming principles are essential for future farming, says First Milk’s Sustainability Director Mark Brooking. Here, he tells us why he believes every farm should adopt them.

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Bokashi success on Cornish farm

Bill and Suzanne Harper from North Tamerton have had great success introducing the Bokashi composting concept on their farm. We speak to Bill to find out more about it.

Image credit: Emily Fleur Photography

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Methane tractor trial for large-scale horticulture business

A Cornish vegetable grower has put a methane-powered tractor to the test, as part of farm-wide efforts to cut their carbon footprint. We spoke to Farm Operations Manager Daniel Collins for the full story.

Image credit: Kieran Brimson Photography

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A new era for farming and the environment: the challenges, opportunities and triumphs

With British farming entering a new era, we spoke to the late LEAF CEO Caroline Drummond in 2021 for her thoughts on why this is farming’s ‘time’.

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Making the most of ELMS

ELMS are made up of many schemes and grant options that affect different parts of a farm system. Pearce Seeds’ agronomist Stuart Batchelor talks us through them.

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Bee pollinating a flower

Taking an environmentally conscious approach

Oak Park Dairy sees environmental land management as a fundamental part of running the business. Matthew Mitchem explains how he and his sister are taking a forward-thinking approach.

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Removing soya from the diet to kickstart a carbon footprint improvement

Cutting a farm's carbon footprint isn't easy, but Cornish farmer Colin Dymond has used soya-free feed, stewardship schemes and more to boost his farm's sustainability.

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