COVID-19 update for our Members


We understand this is an unsettling time for everyone and we are working hard to ensure our Members receive our usual high-level of service. 

Whilst the safety and welfare of our team is a top priority, we can reassure you that we are continuing to run all of our key functions.  If you do need to speak to us, please call us in the usual way, 01872 277151.

To help make our position on insurance cover for COVID-19 a bit clearer, please read the FAQs below. 

We will update our website and social media channels to make you aware of any changes.

You can also keep updated with the latest COVD-19 advice and guidance via these official sources:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

World Health Organisation (WHO)


Is COVID-19 covered under the Commercial Insurance Policy?

COVID-19 is not covered under the Commercial Insurance Policy.  The diseases covered by the policy, for business interruption, are listed by name in the policy wording and the list does not include COVID-19.

Why isn’t COVID-19 listed in the Commercial Insurance Policy wording?

When the government recently designated COVID-19 as a notifiable disease this did not alter the cover provided by our commercial insurance policy as the policy does not refer to a general class of notifiable diseases. Our approach to name individual diseases, rather than referring to a group that may subsequently be added to, is consistent with other insurers that offer an extension for diseases in their business interruption policies. 

The reason for this is that insurers are unable to provide cover for risks that cannot be assessed (and therefore an accurate premium cannot be determined) as the nature of the diseases and the disruptive impact that they may have on businesses are unknown.

If the Government issues a ban on leisure facilities will business interruption insurance then provide cover?

No, COVID-19 is not covered under our policy which is in line with the significant majority of business interruption policies in the UK.

For our Commercial Policy to respond, the disease has to:

  • Be named in the policy and
  • Occur at the business premises and
  • Cause the business premises use to be restricted on the order or advice of the Government.

Will you update the Commercial Insurance policy wording to include COVID-19?

We confirm that it is not our intention to update our policy wording with a revised definition of human disease to include COVID-19. Again, we believe that this stance is consistent with that being taken by insurers in the UK market.

Is there any cover under other Cornish Mutual policies?

None of Cornish Mutual’s insurance products include specific cover for COVID-19, this includes Motor Trade, Farm, Commercial Property Owners, Let Property and Special Events policies. There might be cover under Personal Accident policies where sickness cover is in force. Please contact us should you have any queries on this.

We have had enquiries regarding our Let Property policy but there is no disease cover provided under this product.

We have also received enquiries about cover under the Loss of Milk extension to our Farm policy but there are specific circumstances listed here and the only one relating to an inability to collect stored milk is due to adverse weather conditions.