Mr Labruyere - Home Insurance


David Labruyere lives with his partner Carolyn in a barn conversion in the Tamar Valley. A chance discovery by builders working on an extension at the couple’s home led to a call to Cornish Mutual.

David explained: “While building work was being done on our home to create an extension, we asked the builders to rectify some water damage under the flooring near one of the downstairs doors. Initially, we thought the water was coming in through the frame, but once we pulled up the flooring to replace it - we found the problem was considerably bigger.”

The builders discovered that the water damage had come from the downstairs bathroom. Although the majority of used water was evacuating through the waste pipe, there was a significant amount of water which had leaked, and begun to pool under the floor and travel under the tile flooring of the utility and kitchen and appear under the wooden floor in the dining room.

“We found that the leaking shower had gradually created a reservoir of water that was sitting under the floor. The whole bathroom had to be replaced and the wooden floor in the dining room. At first we were a bit overwhelmed, and having already invested in an extension, we thought this was going to be another added cost.”

Carolyn called Cornish Mutual on the off-chance that they might be able to claim on their home insurance.

“I discussed the situation with our advisor and she felt that we had a claim,” said Carolyn. “An assessor was with us the next day and he confirmed it. The floors were dug out and dehumidifiers were in place the day after.”

It took six weeks for the house to dry out before repair work could start. In the meantime, David and Carolyn were able to co-ordinate with Cornish Mutual to get quotes from local contractors and agree a plan of action.

“It made sense to get the builders who were already on site to do the work,” said David. “They gave us a quote and we liaised with Cornish Mutual’s assessor. They agreed with our suggestion, and they were happy for us to do what we felt most comfortable with.”

With David’s builders already on site, there was very little delay to both the extension and the replacement flooring being completed. “The discovery of the extent of the water damage was a real shock,” said David. “Cornish Mutual made life very easy for us, decisions were made really quickly with no quibbles, and the assistance and advice we had from the assessor and their emergency onsite team was excellent.”