Mr Kormanic - Home Insurance


Mr Kormanic lives in a 300 year old farmhouse in St Keyne, near Liskeard and has held home insurance and motor insurance policies with Cornish Mutual for seven years.

He says: “I first saw the Cornish Mutual office near the market in Liskeard and I was attracted by the fact that they are local. It means I can identify with them and they can understand what it is that I need from my home insurance.

“I always find everyone at Cornish Mutual very open and friendly. They are always very willing to help. It’s really important to me that I have an insurer that is easy to deal with and that all the documentation is transparent, easy to understand and in plain English. With Cornish Mutual, I find that it is.

“The price of the insurance premium is not always the most important thing to me but I do go online to make sure I am getting the overall best value. This year I could not improve on the value I get from Cornish Mutual and I would not want to go for a cheap deal from someone over the internet and not even be sure that the company exists. I much prefer the fact that Cornish Mutual is based locally. You can speak to someone and see them face to face if you want to. That gives me a lot of confidence.

Mr Kormanic continues: “We live in a 300 year old farmhouse and with a house this old, you really never know what might happen next!  Anything could happen – the roof might blow off!  If the worst were to happen, I could not afford to rebuild in this period style without insurance, so I need insurers I can trust.

“My farmhouse is quite unique and it is not very easy to describe. So I like the fact that someone from Cornish Mutual took the trouble to come out to see the house and the outbuildings. It means they can look at the situation from my point of view and I can look at the situation from their point view.  There is a mutual understanding. If a problem should happen, you’re not left in the dark.

Mr Kormanic adds: “I have found the people at Cornish Mutual know their subject very well. They are aware of some of the issues these old rural properties have. I find the people in the office very quick to pick up on whatever I’m babbling on about!  They pick up on the subject very quickly. Another thing that stands out is that if they say they’ll get back to you, they do. They are really reliable. You don’t tend to get one person saying one thing and another saying something completely different, like you do in some organisations. It all seems to be very consistent. And they follow up on paperwork very quickly, normally within one or two days. So I have absolutely no complaints.

Mr Kormanic concludes: “I feel that many forms of insurance are betting against yourself but it goes without saying, a good house insurance for a farm house like mine is just plain common sense. The fact I am dealing with people who are fair minded is a very good thing for me. I am really happy with the service I receive from Cornish Mutual. It’s great.”