Our approach to your claim


Relax, you are with Cornish Mutual

When the worst happens and you have to make an insurance claim – relax, you are insured with Cornish Mutual.  Our approach is based on being fair, honest and transparent. This means that you know where you stand.

We have discovered that there are certain things our Members really appreciate when it comes to making a claim, so these are the things that we put a lot of effort into getting right for you.

Swift turnaround of claims: At Cornish Mutual, it is not unusual that a cheque is issued the same day a claim is agreed. Although we cannot promise that every time, we can promise that we will deal with your claim as swiftly as possible and that the whole process will be fair and transparent.

Friendly, personal service: You can speak to our friendly Advisors (or even visit our office in Truro if you prefer) and we promise they will take the time and trouble to explain everything to you as fully as you wish.

Helpful advice: Our role is to help our Members at all times. So we are on your side and will give you helpful, pro-active advice to make sure your claim process goes as smoothly as possible.

Our friendly advisors are waiting for your call.