Claim Documents


Here you can find all the insurance claims forms you need to make an insurance claim.

Windscreen Claim Form

Windscreen Claim Form

Vehicle Claim Form

For all Motor Claims, including Motor Claims involving Fire and Theft.

Tuberculosis Reactor Insurance Claim Form

For all Claims made under Brucellosis and T.B. Reactor policies.

Property Claim Form

For all claims relating to damage to your home, contents, buildings or property, including commercial buildings and commercial property.

Personal Accident and Sickness Claim Form

For all claims made under Personal Accident and Sickness Policies.

Personal Accident and Sickness (Farmworkers)

For all claims relating to farmworkers' personal accidents.

Liability Claim Form

If someone has, or you are concerned that someone will, make a claim against you, other than arising out of a Motor Accident.

Farmers Own Loss of Milk

For claims for the non–collection or contamination of milk.

Animal Claim Form

For all claims relating to the death, injury, straying or theft of an animal(s).