What our Members say


Insurance that keeps its word

It’s always good to know what other people think and to learn from other people’s experiences. It can help us all make the right decisions in life. And when it comes to insurance, it is particularly helpful to know about other people’s opinions and experiences.  With insurance, what you are buying is a promise, so you need to be confident that the insurer will keep their word.

Here are some of the things that people say about Cornish Mutual.

Rosie Hadden, Little White Alice

Cornish Mutual have always been really helpful, friendly and approachable. Whenever we have any problems they always are quick to respond, and I know a lot of other people locally are insured with them as well, which is always a good indication of a company you can trust.

Simon Toft & Rosie Hadden, Little White Alice

Our local Inspector lives less than a mile away and knows the area and our business very well. We use Cornish Mutual because they know the industry and they understand what we do.

Richard and Sarah Jones, Smeaton Farm