Field Force talk – mid Devon


After joining the Cornish Mutual Field Force team earlier this year, Phill Hatfield explains what he is doing to support the industry locally.


I have been a member of the Cornish Mutual Field Force team for a month after joining the firm six months ago and as part of learning about my new role, I have spent time visiting people across south and mid Devon as well as South East Cornwall.

My average day sees me spending time with farmers or commercial businesses that don’t currently deal with Cornish Mutual and assessing their insurance needs. I spend a few hours with each farmer or business to get to know the issues and challenges facing them and the industry so that we can find a way to support each other.

I love seeing different farms and businesses every day, it makes the role really interesting.

Having been out and about in the local community, I understand that every farm and farmer is different and so are their needs and the issues that affect them; farming is a really diverse subject, from smallholdings with a few sheep to large dairy farms with electronic milking machines so personal one to one support is vital.

Cornish Mutual has a fantastic record of this with local farmers. We run countless Health & Safety events to help improve how farmers operate day-to-day, reduce their risk of injury along with first-aid training and give information on environmental damage.

As a mutual company, we exist to benefit the members, whether this be through fair premiums, giving relevant training that can help their business or support local farming events. We offer support to local charities and organizations so they can improve and grow. Cornish Mutual also helps the Federation of Young Farmers in the four South West counties by providing sponsorship and ongoing support in areas such as farm safety, events and fundraising.

These people are the future of farming and we need to aid in their development.