Down on the Farm 2 - Leanne Pitman


Spring has finally sprung and our cows, accompanied by the bull, have gone outside to graze after being inside throughout the wet winter.

It has been a busy few weeks on the farm. The recent dry spell was long overdue and enabled everyone to enjoy the glorious weather, get on top of their workloads, prepare the ground for spring drilling and drill the maize. Some of the team worked late into the evenings to make sure that the ground preparation work was completed before the rain. 

We have welcomed the rain as the winter crops needed a sprinkling of water and so has the maize to start its germination. However, I am personally already missing the warm sunny weather.  

The potatoes that we planted a few weeks ago have started to sprout above the ground and, thanks to the rain they so desperately needed, their growth will now accelerate. Potatoes require an adequate supply of water throughout the growing season.  During dry periods, such as the summer season, we use irrigators to make sure the crops get the level of water they need.

The fields of grass have been rolled in preparation to make silage. The rolling helps stimulate growth of the grass and flattens out any bumps or stones that may catch in the mower. Now that all our crops have been drilled, our next bout of dry weather will see us cutting grass for silage, which is kept in a clamp on the farm and stored as winter cattle feed.

Finally, the sheep have been sheared to reduce the likelihood of fly strike and to prepare them for their summer grazing. I think the Hampshire is pleased she can see again!  








Considering all the changes that are happening in the world, we are lucky that we still have normality in our routine, even if it is busier than usual.  However, we hope that sharing what we do on a day-to-day basis down on the farm, will help those of you who are facing challenges to take a break from the current situation and feel a little bit connected to us, as farmers.