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Cornish Mutual’s HomeSafe campaign is all about reducing the risk of accidents in the home, be it whilst undertaking DIY, protecting your children or reducing the risk of fire.

We want to help people stay safe in their home so we have provided you with information on a range of issues so you can understand the potential risks and how to prevent them.

As an insurance company which supports local communities and insures homes all across the South West, we take health and safety issues very seriously and would like to encourage the reduction of risk for the benefit of all our prospective and existing Members.

According to RoSPA, accidents in the home cost the UK £45.6 billion a year in hospital bills, time off work and benefits. The number of accidents, incidents of accidental damage and personal injury are on the rise, so our HomeSafe campaign looks at some of the most common home safety and accidental damage issues which we believe will be most useful to our Members.

Please take a look at our HomeSafe pages to see how you can spot risks in your home and prevent accidents from occurring.

Please note that this is not intended as a replacement for expert advice – our HomeSafe pages contain links to sites where you can find out more and get advice from experts.

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