Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that insurance can be a complicated subject to get your head around. To help you, we've put together some of the most common questions that we get asked.

We are always happy to hear from you, so if we can help in any way at all, please do get in touch or use our 'call me back' service.

The milk company I supply are asking me to check that my Farmers liability Policy insures me against antibiotics accidentally getting into my milk and contaminating the tanker load. Am I covered?

Yes if you have Public Liability cover under your Farm Insurance Policy and your negligence leads to the contamination. If you would like cover for the loss of your own milk this has to be arranged separately. Please call our Members Services Team to find out more.

My vehicle is not registered for road usage (e.g. All Terrain Vehicle, ATV) but I have to either cross the road or travel a short distance along the road between fields. Would an insurance claim be met?

Yes it would - if you are insured under an Agricultural Motor Vehicle Policy and provided that the driver holds a valid driving license.

My friend tells me my car insurance insures me to drive anyone else’s car comprehensively. Are they right?

No, your friend is incorrect. Third party cover may be provided, but you should check this on your Motor Certificate.  If you want to drive someone else’s car then you need to discuss this with us before using the vehicle. Separate arrangements apply on Motor Fleet policies.

My daughter has a pet pony. Should we take out a public liability insurance in case of an accident or do we have cover under our household (personal liability) insurance?

A specific horse insurance policy is recommended as it will provide the widest level of cover to meet your needs, not just for liability but also loss or injury to the horse.

However, the Occupiers and Personal Liability section under your Home Insurance Policy, (which is included if you have selected Contents Insurance) will cover the legal public liability of you and your daughter for her pet pony, provided your daughter is a permanent member of your household.

I’m a farmer letting part or/all of my land to another under a grass keep arrangement - if the cattle owner renting my land has Public Liability cover in force, do I also need to insure it?

Yes. Primary responsibility for animals escaping from land often rests with the landowner rather than the owner or keeper of the animals.

Is there an age limit for drivers of agricultural vehicles under a motor policy?

Yes, there are different restrictions in place based on the age of the driver and the type of vehicle. Please check with the DVLA as they can provide you with detailed information about the different legal requirements:


Is the straying/transit section of the Farm Insurance Policy concerned with public liability or the loss of the animals?

The straying/transit section of the Farm Insurance Policy is concerned with the loss of animals. Liability caused by animals is covered under the Public Liability section.

Is Cornish Mutual a broker or an agent?

Cornish Mutual is an independent Mutual Insurance Company. We are not a broker or an agent and underwrite our own insurance policies, therefore we provide a direct insurance service to our Members.

We also have a subsidiary company called 'Cornish Mutual Insurance Services' (CMIS) which operates as a broker to provide a wider range of products to our Members.