Home Emergency Cover


Getting through a harsh winter with Home Emergency Cover

Recent news headlines have told us to prepare for “months of snow”, “Arctic weather” and a “big freeze”. We all know that the forecasts sometimes turn out to be wrong, but it does look like we should all prepare for a harsh winter.

There are things you can do to make sure your heating system is as weather-proof as possible, when temperatures fall below freezing:

  • Have your boiler regularly serviced
  • Insulate your pipes, to prevent them from freezing
  • Make sure you know where your valve cut off point is. That way you can stop the flow of water if a pipe leaks
  • Check your taps regularly – low water flow could be a sign of the pipes freezing
  • If you are going away for a few days, do not switch off your central heating. Leave it on, at a low level, to prevent pipes bursting.

According to recent research from uSwitch.com, one in five homes had a boiler breakdown in the last year. The average cost is £270 in repairs, but a quarter had to pay more than £1,250. A boiler is something you won’t want to be without for long during a cold snap and we know an unexpected bill can be very stressful.

Finding someone to help in a hurry, who is also well qualified, can also be a problem particularly if there has been a spell of bad weather which has caused a sudden rise in demand. Even if a qualified contractor can be found, an emergency call-out and repair can work out very expensive.

To ensure that our Members never find themselves in these situations, Cornish Mutual has teamed up with ARAG to provide all of our Home policyholders with Home Emergency cover with a line that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our policy includes all of the following;

  • Contractor’s call-out fee and/or labour costs up to two hours
  • Parts and repair materials up to £100
  • Cost of alternative accommodation up to £250
  • Emergency costs up to £1,000 in total
  • Permanent repairs guaranteed for 12 months

The policy covers things that most commonly go wrong in the home such as the heating breaking down, plumbing and drainage issues like burst pipes, lost keys and even vermin infestation.

Home is somewhere to relax and unwind so finding there is a problem like heating that won’t come on or a burst pipe, can be a hassle at best and a major inconvenience at worst. Having the right cover can give you peace of mind – one thing less to worry about over the winter.

By Claire Longman, Technical Leader, Cornish Mutual